About Broughton

This map shows the various shops within a mile and a half area around Lost Beach. For day to day needs most people here use the one closest to them. While most carry the same items every one has something that can not be found in another - from fresh veggies to coconut drops to saltfish. Some are also social areas, where people gather to talk and maybe play games or watch local sports on the shops t.v

A little history

The little fishing village of Broughton is situated on the south western coast of Westmoreland, Jamaica. This area is noted for its beautiful natural beaches, wetlands, and wildlife. Traveling the road to Lost Beach Resort, visitors can actually see the gradual growth of this industrious community, from candle lit shacks to two story houses, goats to SUVs. Statistically speaking, Broughton is home to roughly 400 people. Most are fishermen, shop owners, and subsistence farmers, or work in nearby Negril and Savannah-La-Mar. In this little village, people make the most out of all that their surroundings offer, and sometimes out of nothing at all. Lost Beach Resort is actually situated on the beach that covers the old sunken town of Hope Wharf. Decades ago, the beach at Hope Wharf was mined for sand to build the airport in Montego Bay. Nature will take its course, and eventually the sea reclaimed the entire town. The concrete remnants of the steps to the wharf manager’s house are all that remain of Hope Wharf, and the long shallows are testament to the sunken city. Many old-timers tell stories of when the caskets and remains of relatives from the Hope Wharf cemetery washed up on shore! Spaced along the beachfront, about ½ a mile apart, are three old cane barges, washed up in a hurricane long ago – they remind us that once this area was a hub for cane shipping. We can only imagine the possibilities that might explain the ancient cannonball found during the construction of Lost Beach Resort. Now a sleepy little fishing community, the history of this area is in sharp contrast to today’s reality.

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