A younger Bora being irie crusing the sea
The Reel Deal, Fishing Jamaican Stlye.
Deep Sea Fishing Jamaican Style is a reel adventure! When the moon and seas are right, Captain Bora, our favorite fishing guide, will take you out to sea in search of the deep blue water favored by ‘the big eye’ – tuna, kingfish, mahi-mahi, and even blue marlin. Then the Man-O-War (or Frigate) birds will point the way to where the fish are plentiful … when the Man-O-War dives, he’s feeding on fish, so Captain Bora will take you there, speeding like a bat out of hell to take part in the skirmish. Homemade rodwood outriggers with clothespin releases popping signal fish online, and all on board scramble to pull in the lines by hand! Captain Bora has allowed Steven, the owner of Lost Beach, two traditional rod and reels, but dislikes them as they are so slow. River Fishing with Captain Bora is a comparatively calm experience – here you’re looking for snook, perch, and tarpon. The scenic trip takes you by the places where river swims (Crawdads) are trapped, and you may even see a small alligator! Captain Bora can also take you with him when he checks his pots (fish traps) placed strategically in the sea to trap lobster and reef fish – while they may look like aquarium fish to you, roasted reef fish make a very popular meal for most Jamaicans.